Magician Brighton and Children's Entertainer

Hello again! And thanks for tuning in and reading my blog!

I have been busy with my other side of my business recently and went to showcase in Essex where the audience was just agents and also venue owners! I was given a short 10 minute slot to perform and try my best to impress them and potentially create more work for 2016. Well after performing my short show, I was greeted with some lovely comments and appreciative stairs and smiles straight after the show. So fingers crossed for the future!

In other news, I have 4 parties this weekend and in a few weeks I will be doing my last contract onboard the Bretagne and my last contract for the year for Brittany Ferries! Alos considering charging 5p a bag for my balloons service I offer...! Just kidding.. :)

#5pbag #magicianbrighton #showcase #essex #childrensentertainer

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