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SCAM Awareness Show

Scam and fraud prevention advice delivered through an entertaining and empowering presentation. 

"Very good show- funny and entertaining over a serious subject." 

Tricia A,  Ropetackle Arts Centre

"Very informative and certainly highlighted areas I was unaware of." 

Paul S,  Shoreham West Sussex

What is the scam awareness show?

It's a presentation about some of the current common scams that are operating in the UK today, as well as internationally. During the presentation, we look at real world victim's stories and how the scams were successfully carried out. The whole presentation is delivered in a fun and entertaining way which successfully engages the audience for the whole duration. 


David's story...

I have been a professional magician for nearly twenty years, performing my stage shows all around the world. I absolutely love it and feel blessed to be able to entertain people for a living.

However, back in February 2020 during the covid 19 pandemic my business and industry was heavily affected by the Coronavirus. Over the space of a week my whole year's diary of bookings had been completely cancelled.


I suddenly found myself without a job! So what did I do? Well after a long and hard application process. I eventually joined the police and worked as a police officer and also a police community support officer for Surrey police and Sussex police for nearly 3 years. 

Part of my job role was spending time with many victims of scams and frauds. I would visit these people and get their account of how they had been scammed and deceived, then hopefully, try and offer them some help and guidance.


The volume of these crimes that are being reported to the police is staggering. After visiting many different victims, I quickly realized that there was a serious problem. But with simple awareness around these scams, many of these incidents could have been avoided.

Who is the show for?

Anyone can fall victim to a scam young or old. Due to the entertaining delivery and approach of the show it is really suitable for anyone who has access to a phone or computer who may find themselves vulnerable to scammers.  

How can the show be booked?

Please contact me on my website's contact page and let me know your requirements and I will get back to you with a quote and availability.

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