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Guide for the best Birthday party in Brighton and Sussex

Magician , children's entertainer
Magician , children's entertainer

Here are the top ten tips, hints and points to help you get the best party in town and the most out of your children's entertainer-

  1. Tie up loose balloons- Scattering balloons in the venue just invites kids to pop them and causes excessive behaviour and can scare some children too.

  2. Chatting Mums & Dads- parents are welcome and encouraged to watch the show, but if they chat at the back it ruins the concentration of the children and prevents them from enjoying the show.

  3. Balloons outside house- tie a nice bunch of colourful balloons outside front door, this will help everyone find out where the party is happening!

  4. Help the entertainer- If at least one parent can sit and watch the show and help with naughty behaviour and wandering kids.

  5.  Squeakers and Blowers- these are best left in party bags or on the dinner table as they have a tendency to disrupt the party and the kids concentration.

  6. Outdoor shows- Even in the summer time, David recommends to have the party inside the house or under shelter as it is hard to keep the children engaged with the show and entertainment when outside in garden, weather is never guaranteed and a power supply is also needed.

  7. Balloon animals- If you go with a package that includes the balloon animals, these are always best given out at the end of the show. David does sculpturing during the show for the birthday child, so all the kids see one being made and it is a extra surprise when they are given one at the end of the show.

  8. When David arrives- He will need around 25-30 mins to set up. This is best done alone and away from the birthday party children, as it will take much longer and ruin any surprises for the actual show.

  9. Video Camera- Due to his magical secrets, David does not like the show to be filmed, but if you want to video the birthday child doing the final magic trick with David at the end of the show then he does not mind!

  10. Tell everyone- If you enjoyed David's magic and entertainment then please tell everyone, friends, family and Facebook. This will help David get established and also help your friends getting a great service. Also David loves getting feedback, so drop him an email after your party.

Thanks for reading, please remember that this is just a guide. David is really chilled and laid back and will accommodate anyone and any event. Please enjoy the day and watch David perform miracles right under your eyes!

Magician , children's entertainer
Magician , children's entertainer
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