Summer Birthday parties

As the rain pours down on to my living room window as I am taking the Bookings for Summer Birthday parties, the feeling of slight dread as they always sound good but unfortunately do not always turn out the way planned. A few factors for us children entertainers too put up with are as follows-

Weather- Obviously you can't always predict the weather and nothing would kill a show than having to pack up half way through and move inside.

Sun in eyes- Either the magician or the kid's will have the sun in the eyes and this will obviously hinder the viewing pleasure.

Distractions- In a living room or church hall distractions are limited, however outside you have a lot more to contend with. 45 minutes getting the kids sat down watching one person is hard enough without distractions that you can't control.

Wind- there is nothing more funnier than a magician props being blown down the garden halfway through a show. Well not for the magician anyway!

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