bgt Richard Jones winner

Congratulations to Richard Jones the new winner of Britain's Got Talent 2016. So good to see a magician finally win the TV talent show. Its great for magicians all over the country and the world. Loved the link with the grand dad and really pulled on the countries patriotic strings to help him get the first place prize.

Well I did the first of my out door shows for this year and really enjoyed running around the garden chasing my back drop and stopping the show half way through to move the kids as the sun was in there eyes!! I always tell parents that I advise to have indoor shows as it makes it much more complicated having it out doors. However I understand the parents wanting to make the most of the weather and only see it from that prospective. So outdoors we go for many more this summer! Hope everyone enjoyed the weather this weekend and made the most of the bank holiday sun. Thanks for reading. All the best David Tricks Magician Brighton

#bgt2016 #richardjones #magicianinbrighton #childrensentertainerworthing

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