Top tips for a Birthday Party

So you have a birthday party coming up and you have invited a magician or children's entertainer. Well here are my top tips to think about before the big day!

1. Tie up loose balloons- Scattered balloons in the room just invites naughty and excitable behaviour. And explosions during the show can be upsetting to younger kids.

2. Chatting Parents- Just whilst the show is on its better if the mums sit at the back of the room or in another room. Just so as not to disturb the show with any chatting.

3. Balloons Outside- Tie a bunch of balloons on your gate or outside the venue, it really helps people find the place and sets the mood on arrival.

4. Help with wandering kids- If a parent can sit with the kids and help with naughty or wandering children. David is there for only a short time and prefers to be entertaining and not disciplining kid's.

5. Squeakers and Blowers- Leave them in the party bags for home time. David already has music for his show and doesn't require any helpful musicians. lol.

6. Outdoor shows- Outdoor shows seem like a great idea, however with out door distractions it can be a little harder to keep the younger ones attention. Also there is nothing funnier than a kid's entertainer running around a field trying to get his props back after they have blown away.

These are just a small guideline that I feel enhance the party experience. I am very laid back and go with whatever happens on the day. Have a lovely week and hopefully you picked up some good tips! Thanks, David Tricks

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