Brighton Birthday party surprise

Well it is officially the busy time of the year for myself, I have 2 days off and then I am working every single day untill I finish for Xmas on the 23rd December.

I had a party on Saturday and there was a little girl who was very interested in myself and came up and asked for a photo of myself, I complied and also grabbed a pack of cards to make the phote more magicial with a display of cards too! She was obsessed with getting the photo right and came back on at least 3 different occasions. I was impressed as the girl was only around 6. After the show she came upto me and said she had enjoyed the show and that I had done her birthday party. She then said it was her 1st birthday party and was at the Hotel Du Vin in Brighton. Straight away I knew exactly what show it was as I recieved a parking fine at the event 5 years ago, as there was no parking in the are I just left it at the loading bay.

Amazing! Her mum came over and we chatted briefly! Alll the best for the Christmas period everyone.

#hotelduvin #brightonparty #1styearbirthday #photograph

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