Burgess Hill children's entertainer

Had a nice weekend entertaining my customers and audiences with my silly tricks! One particular party I really enjoyed was at Saint Johns park in Burgess Hill. The children where mostly 3 and 4 and the birthday child was celebrating his 4th birthday. This can usually be a little hard for a children's entertainer as the children tend to be just that little bit too young. However I don't mind these particular birthday parties and tend to change my style to accomodate the short attention span and make everything a little more animated. Everyone loved it and handed out some business cards once the show was over. I always know its a good event when you get chased down the street by a parent asking for my booking details!!! Brilliant!

The hall in Burgess hill where I did my birthday party was in St Johns park or Saint Johns park Burgess Hill. Inside the hall was decorated with old cricket pictures of teams dating back to 1948. I always love looking at the old photos displayed and many halls have these and gives it great character. Many thanks for reading. Keep it magic!

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